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Predoctoral Award

Purpose: Support the mentored training of predoctoral level students with clear and direct commitment to and potential for contributing to the advancement of one or more stated TRDRP research priorities. 

Award Overview:

  • Maximum stipend amount per year:  Up to $30,000  
  • Maximum duration: 3 consecutive years  
  • Allowable direct costs: 
    • Stipend: Up to $30,000 a year 
    • Tuition and Fees: Predoctoral students will be provided 60% of tuition and fee costs, up to $16,000 per year. Students enrolled in formally combined, dual degree training will be provided 60% of tuition and fee costs, or up to $21,000 per year. If funded, TRDRP will request documentation of the institution’s tuition and fees structure. 
    • Institution Allowance: The applicant may request an institutional allowance to help defray the cost of expenses such as health insurance, medical liability or other special insurance, research supplies, equipment, books and travel to scientific meetings and other project-related travel. These costs will be covered up to $4,200 per year. The institutional allowance is a fixed amount and the institution is not required to account for these expenses on an actual cost basis.
    • Travel to TRDRP Conference: All applicants should budget a separate one-time $750 expense under year 1 for "Travel - RGPO Meeting" to attend the TRDRP conference.  This $750 expense is not part of the institution allowance.
  • Indirect Costs: Not allowed 

A Note on Stipends and Employee Benefits

Since TRDRP predoctoral awards are not provided as a condition of employment with either TRDRP or the sponsoring institution, institutions may not seek funds, or charge individual awards, for costs that normally would be associated with employee benefits (eg FICA, workman’s compensation, life insurance, union dues, and unemployment insurance).