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Oral diseases and dental health

Support innovative and high impact research that advances the understanding of the effects of combustible and new and emerging tobacco products on dental health and develops approaches to detect, prevent, and treat tobacco-related oral disease.

TRDRP supports innovative, timely and high impact research that addresses basic, translational or clinical aspects of tobacco-related diseases. Research into the mechanisms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tobacco-related diseases, with a focus on disproportionately affected groups, is of critical importance to reducing the negative impact of tobacco product use.  TRDRP-funded studies must focus on diseases and biomedical mechanisms that are directly related to tobacco use. Research that can inform FDA regulations on new and emerging tobacco products is of particular interest. 

Examples of relevant research topics:  

  • Innovative, cost effective and accessible approaches to early detection of oral disease. 
  • Research into interventions to reduce oral cancer incidence and mortality among tobacco priority populations. Note that research on Oral Cavity and Pharyngeal Cancers should focus on diseases that are strongly correlated with tobacco product use (i.e. Human Papilloma Virus-negative cancers).
  • Motivational interviewing in the dental clinic to encourage commercial tobacco product cessation. 
  • The effect of new and emerging tobacco products on tobacco-related conditions such as dental caries, periodontitis or tooth loss.

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