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Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Support innovative, timely and high impact research to better understand basic, translational or clinical sciences of disorders of the heart, blood vessels, and cardiac and brain vasculature, collectively called cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke.

TRDRP supports innovative, timely and high impact research that addresses basic, translational or clinical aspects of tobacco-related diseases. Research into the mechanisms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tobacco-related diseases, with a focus on disproportionately affected groups, is of critical importance to reducing the negative impact of tobacco product use.  TRDRP-funded studies must focus on diseases and biomedical mechanisms that are directly related to tobacco use. Research that can inform FDA regulations on new and emerging tobacco products is of particular interest. 

Examples of relevant research topics:  

  • Studies of biological samples from users of new and emerging tobacco products to determine whether subclinical markers of CVD and cerebrovascular accident (CVA) are altered. 
  • Interrogation of longitudinal health studies of priority populations such as the Jackson Heart Study to better understand the intersection of social determinants of health, tobacco use and heart disease.  
  • The intersection of the effects of tobacco product use with chronic stressors - such as structural racism and other social determinants of health - on cardiovascular health or stroke risk. 
  • The extent to which interventions that promote positive psychosocial assets (optimism, resilience, purpose in life) may mitigate the negative effects of discrimination and promote both tobacco cessation and improved cardiovascular or cerebrovascular health.