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Award conditions

TRDRP awardees are expected to account for the expenditure of grant funds and for the performance of work as agreed upon in a timely manner, so that TRDRP may file reports and answer inquiries from the legislature and the public.

Awardees are also expected to contribute to the stated goals of the Proposition 99 legislation, Proposition 56 legislation and the Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee's current Master Plan (pdf) for tobacco-related research, which include the systematic dissemination of research results to the public.

The Institutional Official's and Principal Investigator's signatures on the cover page of the application signify that the individuals are aware of all conditions for receiving a grant from TRDRP.

Prior to funding, grant awardees must:

  • Provide human and animal subject assurances from federally licensed review board
  • Modify titles and lay abstracts, if requested
  • Submit revised budgets, if required
  • Resolve other administrative issues identified during the review or funding decision process

If all assurances, budgetary matters, and administrative matters are not resolved within nine (9) months of the award start date, the award offer will be withdrawn.

After funding, grant awardees agree to:

  • Use award funds only as approved by TRDRP, maintain accounts, records, and other evidence pertaining to work performed and costs incurred
  • File annual progress reports and a final scientific report on time
  • File annual fiscal reports and a final fiscal report on time
  • Participate in TRDRP-sponsored activities to disseminate research results as able and as requested
  • Communicate with the public about the funded work
  • Attend TRDRP Conferences and participate as requested
  • Acknowledge the support of TRDRP on all publications resulting from the funded research