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Program staff

Raymond Boyle, Ph.D. 
Senior Program Officer for Health Policy Research 
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9959

Dr. Boyle has served as Director of Research Programs at ClearWay Minnesota since 2009, one of the few research funding programs nationally that are comparable to the TRDRP.  In this role he has provided overall management for a team of researchers and post-doctoral fellows who focus on evaluation of tobacco-related programs and policies, population surveillance, and dissemination of competitive grant funding to Minnesota tobacco control researchers.  

Ginny Delaney, Ph.D. 
Program Officer for Biomedical Sciences 
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-587-6292 

Dr. Delaney earned her doctorate in Molecular Biology at Cornell Medical College while conducting research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  She has worked in grant-making at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in New York and with the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program (IUCRP) at UCOP.  She is passionate about bringing scientific evidence to bear on policy making.

Phillip Gardiner, Dr.P.H. 
Program Officer for UC Smoke and Tobacco Free Fellowship Awards
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9853 

Dr. Gardiner is trained as a survey researcher and behavioral scientist, who served for 15 years as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Program Officer for the TRDRP.  He speaks nationally on critical issue to tobacco control, including menthol in cigarette products, electronic cigarettes, and tobacco related health disparities.

Uta Grieshammer, Ph.D. 
Program Officer for Biomedical Sciences
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9636 

Dr. Grieshammer earned her doctorate in biochemistry from Boston University, and has research expertise in molecular and cellular mechanisms of embryonic development.  Prior to joining TRDRP, she gained extensive experience in grant-making and managing research initiatives, first at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), to help bring stem cell treatments to patients with unmet needs, and more recently at the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM), supporting precision medicine demonstration projects throughout the state.

Norval Hickman, Ph.D., M.P.H. 
Program Officer for Social Behavioral Sciences and Public Health
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9032

Dr. Hickman has training in Clinical Psychology and Public Health. He has experience conducting a clinical trial and behavioral interventions for smoking cessation. His publications address smoking prevalence, cessation treatments, psychosocial correlates, and tobacco industry marketing to special populations.

Lisa Loeb Stanga, Dr. P.H., M.P.H.
Program Officer for Basic and Clinical Biomedical Sciences Program
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-587-6041

Dr. Loeb Stanga earned her doctorate in Public Health at UC Berkeley and trained in basic science research at UC San Francisco.  For the past 25 years she has designed and implemented clinical and basic science studies in HIV treatment and prevention in four countries.  She has been a Program Officer with CHRP since 2015. 

Tyler Martz, Dr.P.H., M.P.H.
Program Officer for Health Policy Research
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-0965

Dr. Martz is trained in Public Health. Much of her work has focused on infectious disease prevention and treatment, program evaluation, and health policy. Dr. Martz is also a program officer with the California HIV/AIDS Research Program.

Katherine McKenzie, Ph.D. 
Program Officer for Cancer Prevention, Treatment, and Biology 
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9876

Dr. McKenzie has training in cancer research, cell, and molecular biology. She has served as a program officer for the California Breast Cancer Research Program for over 20 years in the fields of biological sciences as well as clinical and prevention research.

Laura Packel, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Program Officer for Clinical Sciences and Epidemiology
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9858

Dr. Packel has training in epidemiology and health policy. Her research has focused on the use of economic incentives to motivate behavior change. She has been a Program Officer with CHRP for five years, and prior to that focused her work on the global HIV epidemic.

Tracy Richmond-McKnight, Ph.D. 
Program Officer for Cancer, Neuroscience, and Health Economics
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9811

Dr. Richmond-McKnight was trained in physics and biomedical engineering and has 16 years of research experience in neuroimaging of brain cancer. Richmond-McKnight retains a title of Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF and is the Director of the UCSF-Tuskegee Partnership in Bioengineering. In addition to her research activities, she is also actively engaged in increasing diversity in the STEM fields.

Jennifer V. Jackson
Project Policy Analyst
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9888

Mrs. Jackson has years of administrative experience working with the California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP), the California Healthcare Foundation, and UCSF's Center for the Health Professions. She works closely with TRDRP and CHRP directors and staff as well as Advisory Committee members, coordinating special projects on behalf of both programs.

Marion H.E. Kavanaugh-Lynch, M.D., M.P.H.
Interim Program Director 
Contact: Email | Phone: 510-987-9878

Dr. Kavanaugh-Lynch earned her medical degree and an MS in Pharmacology at New York University and trained in internal medicine at Case Western Reserve University and oncology and cancer prevention at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center while obtaining an MPH in Epidemiology from University of Washington. She has served as the Director of the California Breast Cancer Research Program since 1995 and maintains a research portfolio in community-based participatory research. She is passionate about bringing the voices of disease advocates and affected communities into the research process.

Inquiries regarding LOI/application forms and instructions or reviewer questions may be directed to the Research Grants Program Office (RGPO): or (510) 987-9386.

Contact Information:
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