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Community-Partnered Participatory Research Award (CPPRA)


TRDRP has an over 20-year history of funding community-based participatory research (CBPR) through the Community and Academic Research Award (CARA) and School Academic Research Award (SARA) grant mechanisms, which required close collaborative partnerships between members of community-based organizations (CBOs), community members, school educators, and academic researchers or community-oriented research scientists. The CARA and SARA grants produced meaningful findings that typically assessed gaps and indicated the need for improved tobacco control prevention and treatment interventions in California; however, there was minimal intervention development. 

We have re-envisioned this grant type, emphasizing longer-term thinking and plans that sustain and translate the benefits from the pilot-phase research to the development of new interventions or the enhancement of existing evidence-informed interventions. The expectation is that interventions resulting from these awards will focus on community- or school-based tobacco prevention and/or cessation, as well as practice, program or policy change. We also emphasize the importance of community benefit in tobacco control research, cultural humility, and mutual (community and academic) capacity building for a sustained equitable partnership beyond the life of the grant. 

The Pilot CPPRA provides up to 2-years of support for the initial phase of a project, including testing the acceptability and feasibility of methods, strengthening collaborative relationships, developing tools and methods for a later intervention, collecting preliminary data, and demonstrating proof-of-principle of a new paradigm or research hypothesis. The ultimate goal of the Pilot CPPRA is to provide initial support for partnered research with a strong rationale and potential to inform a prevention or cessation intervention in the future.  

The Full CPPRA provides up to 3-years of support to develop, evaluate, test, or examine a community tobacco prevention intervention or treatment intervention, building on pilot or preliminary data, focused on tobacco-related research issues of importance to the community that is the focus of the project.  

For more details, read the Community-Partnered Participatory Research Award Request for Applications.