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Student Research Supplement Award

Foster student research and allow active research training and mentoring by providing additional supplement, in order to bring new workforce into the stated research priority areas of TRDRP.

Applicant PIs are encouraged to consider participation by undergraduate and early-level graduate students under their mentorship of a currently funded TRDRP PI of a High Impact Pilot award or High Impact Research award. Additional supplement requests are above the award cap and are available for all PI applicants that are applying for any non-mentoring grant types, such as the High Impact Research Project Award, High Impact Pilot Research Award, New Investigator Award or Community Practice-Based Research Planning Award. Applications will be reviewed by TRDRP staff.

All applications must address one or more of our eight research priorities.

Maximum supplement amount per year: $20,000 (direct cost)

Maximum duration: 1 year

Allowable direct costs: Salaries, fringe benefits, tuition, enrollment fees for the trainee, domestic travel

Equipment: Not allowed as part of this supplemental funding

Project-related travel: As needed (must be fully justified)

Travel to TRDRP conference: Maximum $750 (mandatory)

Scientific conference travel: Up to $2,000 per year (excluding a mandatory allocation of $750 in one year of the project for travel to the TRDRP Conference)

Indirect costs: Not allowed

Submission procedure requirements:

  • Submit a separate brief application, along with your parent TRDRP application on proposalCentral.
  • Identify your candidate providing rationale and supplement requirement to identify, train and foster new workforce into the stated research priority areas of TRDRP.
  • Include description of your track record as a mentor.
  • Training plan — Describe how the research experience will enhance the candidate's skills and knowledge and help him or her achieve career goals.
  • Candidate biosketch.