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Special Projects (ST)

Purpose: To support small scientific conferences and other research dissemination activities. To provide limited rapid support for early investigation into emerging issues in tobacco control or tobacco-related disease research.

Support can be requested for small scientific conferences to assess tobacco's impact on California populations; or to allow tobacco investigators to evaluate, in a timely manner, new and breaking trends in tobacco control or tobacco-related disease research.

All applications must address one or more of our six research priorities.

Maximum award amount: $5,000 (May vary depending on type of project proposed)
Maximum duration: 1 year
Allowable direct costs: $5,000
Indirect costs: May be applicable in certain instances


  • In order to qualify for funding, the planned activities must be directly related to one or more of TRDRP's research priorities.
  • The activity must primarily take place in California, involve California investigators, and include, where applicable, discussants and speakers funded by TRDRP.
  • An online broadcast or archiving of an in-person conference (i.e., webcast or webinar) is eligible for support under this Special Projects (ST) mechanism.
  • Proposals may be submitted at any time and should be submitted on proposalCENTRAL.
  • Applications for ST Awards will go through a separate review process. The TRDRP Scientific Advisory Committee will make recommendations regarding funding.
  • ST grants will be limited in number, scope, cost, and duration.
  • Please contact a TRDRP program officer regarding the appropriateness of your proposal prior to submission.