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Community Practice-Based Research Planning Award

Build long-term partnerships among academic researchers and health care practitioners that support health service research to elucidate system-level change factors that promote regularly addressing patient tobacco use in health clinics serving the Medi-Cal population across California.

This award type is to support the development of consortia that include health clinics, researchers, health care providers, administrators and other groups with the expertise and capacity to create sustainable system change in the delivery of tobacco cessation services in health care settings accessed by low-income, underserved Californians who use tobacco at high rates. The research findings are expected to be generalizable across clinical service sites and to concretely inform practical recommendations for health care system improvements that result in increased access to evidence-based tobacco cessation treatments, improved quality and coordination of cessation activities, increased patient satisfaction and higher rates of tobacco abstinence and quit attempts among low-income, underserved tobacco users. 

All applications must address one or more of our eight research priorities.

Maximum award amount per year: $200,000 (direct cost cap)

Maximum duration: 2 years

Allowable direct costs: Salaries, fringe benefits, supplies, equipment*, travel.

Project-related travel: As needed (must be fully justified).

Consortia meetings: Travel and related meeting expenses (at least one annual meeting is mandatory)

Scientific conference travel: Up to $2,000 per year may be applied to attend scientific meetings.

Indirect costs: Full indirect costs are allowed to non-UC institutions. Indirect costs to UC campuses are capped at 25 percent.

Budget: TRDRP will issue award funds as one grant to a lead institution or organization, which must support the administrative core and have the capacity for fiscal management of grant funds including subcontracts to support the consortium activities. The majority of funds for the administrative core are not intended to support the ground up development of a shared electronic health records database, but a small portion of funds may be used to support the addition of tobacco-specific assessments and referral tracking measures for inclusion in an existing electronic health records database. The administrative core is expected to be affiliated with the lead institution or organization.

*Any item costing $5,000 or more

Award requirements:

  • The lead applicant must have a PI-status at the sponsoring institution.
  • The lead applicant PI is required to commit at least 10 percent of their research effort each year to activities supported by this award.
  • U.S. citizenship is not a requirement.

The Community Practice-Based Research Planning Award mechanism is fully described in an uploaded document. Read more